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Our books have been written by teachers at the Horsham Music Academy.  As we are all constantly in touch with students, we feel as though we know what they like and, most importantly, their various levels of understanding. We also think is important for the younger students to use books with Australian content. The Beginner and Elementary books are suitable for first and second year music students.  (Some teachers use the Elementary book for High School Year 7 music where students are new to music.)  The Preliminary Theory for the A.N.Z.C.A. syllabus is an excellent  forerunner to the A.M.E.B. Grade 1 if you have students who are not ready to tackle Grade 1.  All A.N.Z.C.A. and A.M.E.B. theory books cover the entire syllabus for the relevant grade. Answer books are available for all ANZCA books.

Test for Young Pianists

Test for Young Pianists for the first 3 years cover sight reading, meanings, ear training, sight singing and rhythm clapping. Having everything in one book is a real boon.   NEW IN 2013.

The Six Cs

The Six Cs is very popular from a young child's point of view.  Only the teacher requires a copy although some teachers prefer one for each student.  It is commenced as soon as the child starts reading notes on the staff and is an excellent introduction to sight-reading. Every piano student at our Academy - about 150 - has a Music Note Book.  They really are the “teacher's best friend”.  If you have more than a few exam students, the Teaching Pack (ideally used in conjunction with the Music Note Book) makes life so much easier.  You don't need a phenomenal memory, and you never miss teaching something.

The Composer's

Time Chart

The Composer's Time Chart is suitable for 11 and 12 year olds, but could easily be used in more depth for older students.  It is essential to have a teacher's manual.  It would make an excellent study course over 36 weeks for year 6 or 7.

The Amazing Scale Book

The Amazing Scale Book has created a great deal of interest.  One of my students told me it is like having me sitting next to her at home while she practises!  An interstate teacher has given it an unofficial sub-title - “The No Excuses Accepted Scale Book”!  I like it.  Parents love it.  They can follow what their child is supposed to be doing!  Really bright younger children will “cotton on” to the Major & Minor Houses. Do read the instructions on how to change from major to minor with ease; the given fingering is essential.  Other students should probably go straight to page 16.


Flashcards are available on thick cardboard - 130 cards in 4 colours: 40 white notes, 48 pink meanings, 12 yellow for rhythm clapping and 30 green intervals, steps & skips etc.  There are also Key Signature Flashcards.
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