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Kis_Pat available now. Check the demo out...

Kis_Pat - Patient Database

Welcome to Kis_Pat - Patient Database
$250 au.  Single payment, lifetime free updates.

History of PAT

Pat was conceived in 2001 and was called Pat or Patient Database.

At the onset it had one idea - KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
In 2010 it had a name change and re-design to Kis_Pat.
It has been designed to be used in any of the Allied Health Services in Australia. The program can be used for any area, the only difference is the type of consultations and their default numbers.
Kis_Pat uses MYSql as it's database. It is used as a local Intranet version only since a shared folder needs to exist.

Kis_Pat is available to purchase for $250 au.
Contact: Tom Duncan and details of payment will be sent.
In your email please give..
  1. Your Name
  2. Company
  3. Email

On confirmation of payment, registration details will be sent along with complete details of installing the program.


This new version still does Patient Entry and Invoicing but does so much more.
  • Patient Data Entry
  • Invoicing
  • Daily Planner
  • Invoice details (spreadsheet of Invoices)
  • Patients can have Images associated to their files.
  • A tabbed notebook for patient records. These notes can be printed out when needed.
  • Referral Doctors information can be added and letters then sent in a mail merge to that Doctor.
  • Invoices items numbers used are those used by direct fund claiming e.g. Hicaps. (no direct computer hook-up)
  • The Direct Fund claiming Item numbers can be set up for any of these Practices.
    1. Acupuncturists
    2. Remedial Massage Therapists
    3. Naturopaths
    4. Speech Pathologists
    5. Dieticians
    6. Chiropractic
    7. Dentists
    8. Podiatrists
    9. Physiotherapists
    10. Occupational Therapists
    11. Optical Services
    12. Osteopathic
    13. Psychologists
  • Information on Invoices and payments is also available. You can refine your display to which Practitioner and the dates you are interested in. You can also have a look at any one patients invoices.
  • Invoices can be Designed and Printed in either a standard invoice or using an EPC type format.
  • A patient reminder system is also available. Patients can be flagged with a reminder date. When these dates have been reached a button will be shown. You can then print out a standard letter in mail merge format to any/all of these patients. This would normally be used in a reminder for their annual visit is due.
  • An Integral part of the program is the Daily planner diary. This planner and note system allows you to enter patients into a calendar. Double clicking on any patient will take you to that patient's history.
  • Daily notes can also be entered.
  • Notes are available on any machine.
  • Export of Data in Excel and CSV format.
  • Importing of data can be done by request. For importing existing data CSV, eXcel, Access or SQL can be used. I cannot say if this will work but will be done on a case by case basis.
  • Updates are done via the web. You will be notified by Email when an update is ready.

This is a one off payment. Free updates forever.

Kis_Pat Demo

This is a full working demo of Kis_Pat.
The database is running from my server so it is a general demo version only.
Some functions have been disabled, but the working model is shown.
Their is no install to be done.
Just download the demo zip file, extract to your hard drive then run Kis_Pat.exe
As this is an open demo, please refrain for inserting any real names etc. for patients.
The data is available for anyone to use.
I will reset the database at regular intervals.