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Fri Mar 4 9:53 am

Site hacked.
Yep, my forum has been hacked to death.
You too could have purchased cheap products from my site. LOL
Why do people want to invade your space with that s**t.
Well that has gone and all parts of the forum have gone as well.
Complete wipe out with that one.
Next idea is to write my own with very strict entry.


Created 04/03/2016 9:50am

Fri Jan 29 10:00 am

Yep, thinking of moving
And our destination might be Tasmania.
Will keep everyone updated.

Created 29/01/2016 9:59am

Wed Jan 27 1:51 pm

New site up and going on www.ctd.com.au
Well new site is up and going.
I now make all the changes on ctd.noip.me then do a block update onto the main site.
Using tunnel on both MYSql databases.

Created 27/01/2016 1:48pm

Fri Jan 22 11:27 am

All new Forum up and going.
The forum is using a public domain program called FluxBB
Works like a charm.

Also have been hard at getting the all new Kis_Pat up and going.
Will have more info on this soon.

Created 22/01/2016 11:27am

Wed Oct 21 3:03 pm

Well up and going with new server
This new server is running from a Delphi application.
Very early days as yet but getting better.

The reason for the huge change from B4J was that I was having memory leak issues.
Each day I am loosing around 2%.
So now back to Delphi.

Created 21/10/2015 2:26pm

Tue Oct 6 1:44 pm

Well have added a Weather Widget.
Sorry everyone not in Australia.
30c yesterday and just a great 28c today.
Swimming 3 or 4 times a day.
Cannot beat living life on the bay!

Created 06/10/2015 1:42pm

Fri Oct 2 2:07 pm

Well program is improving,
Can now add blogs from the web interface.

Having a few problems with delay after a button has been pressed in the Admin or forum area.

Only happens on the Pi server. Will need to check out.

Could be the log database I am building on actions done.

Minor updates done. Page building now works quicker.

Created 02/10/2015 9:58am Modified 21/10/2015 2:13pm

Thu Oct 1 4:25 am

New Forum

Well have an Alpha version of a forum up and going.
Still lots to work out and do.
You can view the entire forum but cannot add any threads or posts.
You can log in as a guest and do that though.
If you register then you can do all the above and also edit any previous posts.

To Log-in

Name: guest
Password: pass1234
Feel free to give any suggestions and errors.
Have added a log.sqlite database which now logs all incoming.
Well, logs what I need, anyway.
This log is available in the admin section if you are an admin person, like me.


Created 30/09/2015 12:11pm

Tue Sep 22 11:42 am

Layout Designer getting better.

added Contact page with google map.

Have started on the all Web based site builder.

Might be ready for a demo by next week.
Have relatives coming over so a bit busy.

Raspberry is still going well, happy now with 64gig to play with.


Created 22/09/2015 9:19am

Tue Sep 22 9:28 am

Started Shopping cart

Yep, started Dynamic shopping card.
It will have a searchable database with lists Grid's and cutom Card layouts.
Can be used for anything.
I will use it as a demo for countries in the world, and a Recipe database.

Keep tuned in on this one.


Created 19/09/2015 9:25am

Thu Sep 17 12:26 pm

Updates coming
  • You can add fields and tables to the database.
  • Will use this to create a new database
  • Add CSS for each page.
  • Using this have now put the top menu fixed on this site
  • Add tables is getting ready.
  • Added menu Card and Colour. Drop shadow on Menu now if needed
  • Using WAL on sqlite now. See if any errors.

Thu Sep 17 12:21 pm

Beta Ready

Finally have the beta ready.
Contact me on td@ctd.com.au and I will send instructions
and the link to get the Program.

Fri Sep 11 9:16 pm

Well the new version is just about ready to go.
The Designer is now getting all of it's data from the server.
Just a few fixes and additions to go.

Wed Sep 9 10:45 pm

After much playing, I have finally got it working on the Rasberry Pi 2
I am using Ubuntu - Mate as the Linux version.
I had lots of problems getting Samba to work on the default system.
Also have tightVNC between my pc and the PI. mstsc

Served from the pi

Sun Sep 6 2:45 pm

Well have admin working.
As a Demo you can login with
Name= Demo

Note these are case sensitive.

It uses a simple html editor called NicEdit a great little editor and small.

Tue Sep 1 5:23 pm

A demo (incomplete as yet) of the help page is available.
Have a look at Help (beta)

Will have a demo ready in the next few days.
Just finishing the software and the help pages.

Edited by Tom Duncan on 21/10/2015 2:13pm

Wed Aug 26 10:27 am

Comments now have a simple tinyMCE editor.

Tue Aug 25 1:57 pm

Well the basics for the new Admin area has been added.
Unfortunately TinyMCE is not working as yet, so html areas only show as textareas.
This will be enlarged as I work out what to do.
I hope to have the complete site maintenance to be done via the web interface.
In this demo you can view but cannot edit the Comments and Blog areas.
Updated this to have a login area.
Registered users can login.
Select demo for yep a DEMO.

Sun Aug 23 5:54 pm

Well New bits added.
Have made it easier to create the menus.
Added an Image sequence.
Each image has it's own card.
Also bug fixes.
Next week I hope to have a release copy ready.

Tue Sep 1 5:04 pm

New interface working well.
These blogs are entered in at the moment in the designer,
the database is running from the server.
When the page is refreshed the complete blog sequence is loaded.
Only blogs with the use flag are loaded.
With this you can show hide blogs.
Tomorrow will add html interface to add/edit blogs and also to accept comments and write a comment as well.

Tue Sep 1 5:04 pm

Added Computing menu with a history of my computing and electronics.
Came about from an email from Rob Linn last night.
Gave me the impetus to write this..
Software Improving. Bug fixes.
Still to be done
  • blog interface, so I can add blogs with ease.
  • Shopping cart type database interface. Allow easy way to handle product displays.
  • this will have searching and menu as well
  • Then the web based Designer. Soon I hope.
  • Server will be improved with more updates.
  • I will keep a close eye on Memory leaks as this has been noted by a few.
  • More W3-CSS options. I have just the basic ones so far.
  • note to self. Make all images lower-case before using them.

Let us see what happens.

Tue Sep 1 5:04 pm

This is my 1st Blog using a new idea.
The Database for this is on the server.
When the page is loaded the server builds all the blogs.
With this idea you do not need to rebuild the site each time a Blog is created.

This is my 1st blog with new idea.