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Web Designer Style

I have decided to create the designer using Delphi 7.
My initial thoughts were to have a full html version running from a server.
This MAY be developed but at the moment this version does what is needed.

Delphi was chosen for many reasons, It is quicker to design
and I have components that allow me to build this program which are not available within B4J.

For example the editor is based around the RichView component. I can then save in full HTML format.
I have also changed the CSS layout to W3.CSS. developed by
Faster and More Beautiful
Responsive Web Sites
Inspired by Google Material Design
The layout will also be easier. Still a way to go but getting there.

Web Designer Style


Still to come with the designer are lots of bug fixes.
This is now being served using MySQL and the web site is being created using php.
I have added a forum using FlexBB software. This is a free php forum and works very well.
Daily Blog. A default blog can be created and the entries will then be inserted by the server from a database blog table.
A shopping cart type database. (still to come with this version, but php version in development)

The main and most important addition will be the Designer to be used outside the server machine.
What will happen is that the designer can work separate to the main database. Then when needed the server will update the server database.
Images etc. will be transferred to the server when required.